Mather & Smith Designs

I had the good fortune to consult with Mather & Smith Designs prior to begining my interior decoration project. With only the vaguest idea of what I wanted, the Mather & Smith design team fleshed out my ideas, offering innovative ideas that I lacked the creativity to envision.

My project involved disguising plaster areas in poor shape. Greg & Gary were able to show me the least expensive and most creative ways to overcome these flaws. Now when I look at their handiwork, it's hard to beleive what a difference the correct hues, faux finishes and washes can make. I must remember to ask them what they have for love handles and multiple chins!

Last of all I don't believe you will find a more cheerful, trustworthy crew. Due to my hectic work schedule, it was necessary for Gary and Greg to let themselves in each morning and lock up when they left. Nary a worry on my part with these guys. I guess you can say I'm a true fan.

-Carl Heffron
Philadelphia, Pa.