Mather & Smith Designs

I first met Gary Mather in July 2002 while sitting in a restaurant admiring the wonderful renovation and redesign. I asked the hostess who did the work and my relationship with these wonderful artists (Gary and his partner Greg Smith) began.

Since that time, I have not only had my master bath transformed from drab to enveloping Tuscan warmth and my guest bath into total luxury, but my kitchen has been transformed into the look of Italian tile and leather with faux paint and hand-painted wallpaper.

Recently this team has designed and painted my box ceiling in my dining room to look like leather with lines starting at the center point of the hanging light radiating out. Words cannot do justice to their craft; you simpy have to see art in person.

People are more than welcome to come to my house to see the work that Mather & Smith Designs have done for me. You only need to contact me through them to set it up.

Mather & Smith Designs have made my home so warm and inviting that I don't want to leave it!

-Karen Veno
Fredericksburg, Virginia